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Main characters from the comic.More profiles will be added later

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Name: Character Information:


Novice Thief /AGE:18

Rhea is a strong willed and energetic girl who's learning to take care of herself after the death of her mother who died during a military attack on her village. She's not the best at hiding how she feels about people and can be easily overwhelmed. Her curiosity and false bravo leads her into a lot of unnecessary trouble with the local authorities . Luckily Mouse is always around to look out for her, although he would never admit it. Rhea is still learning to defend herself properly under Mouses' supervision but always carries a small dagger for protection.


Black Mage /AGE:26

Marissa owns a small antique and oddity shop in Crystal Palace which she inherited from her grandmother. She is a skilled mage and was once a student at Dragonclaw Academy,the most prestigious school for magic on the entire continent. Unfortunately she was kicked out before graduation for reasons she's unwilling to share. Her constant companion is shadow, her spirit familiar who never leaves her side for very long. Marissa enjoys bar hopping and gambling after work.



Lucky began our story as a koi fish that was given to Rhea by Marissa as a token of good luck. One night, however, he transforms into a merman. Lucky has shown the ability to use defensive white magic in battle but any other skills he might have are unknown. Much about his origin and past are clouded in mystery, including his real name. His most notable feature is a heart shaped mark on his forehead


Rouge / AGE:21

A young man who has lived on the streets for most of his life. Mouse is the leader & Founder of a gang made up of street kids like himself. He has quite the reputation in town as a thief. No one knows if mouse is his real name or just an alias. He never seems to stay in one place long enough for them to learn about his past, not that he would tell them much anyway. Mouse hates authority and conforming to society. He's quite pessimistic and doesn't trust others easily. But he is fiercely loyal to anyone in his gang. Mouse is very skilled in hand to hand combat and prefers it over actual weapons.


Ninja / AGE:50

Jade is a ninja from the Houjin region. She enjoys playing tricks on others and can easily sweet talk herself out of a volatile situation. Never one for patience, Jade hates to wait for anything very long and can become quite irritable on ocassion. In her spare time Jade tries to get her event planning business up and running. She is always looking for potential lovebirds and likes to play matchmaker. Perhaps this is all a clever ploy to get more clients...? Jade has never been fond of humans ever since they kidnapped her brother. She joined The Umbra Guild in order to find him and bring him home. Along the way she vows to kill anyone who gets in her path. Her weapon of choice is twin daggers.

Chidori Stratus

Knight / AGE:23

Chidori is captain of the Diamond Blades, a group of all female knights who protect the town of Crystal Palace. They use dance as a means of fighting as well as swordplay.Becoming the leader of the group at such a young age causes her to act more mature than others in her age group. She finds it hard to relate to their carefree attitude since she has so much responsibly with her job. Chidori is very soft spoken but can't resist throwing around sarcastic remarks to make a point. In her free time she enjoys horseback riding and painting.


Ninja / AGE:25

Xian is a cat Dongwu from the Houjiin region of Iasion. As a child she grew up in a seedy area of town with her parents. Her father was once a member of the Border Patrol but was left permently disabled after a training exercise. In order to pay the bills she and her mother worked at a "comfort house" as maids. At then age of 12 she was sent to Chiyoko Academy and later joined the Umbra Guild. Xian is a stickler for rules and regulations and wants her life to be as orderly and predictable as possible. Her weapon of choice is the katana


Engineer / AGE:16

May is the newest member of Mouses' gang. She spends most of her time looking after the younger members of the group instead of going out to steal like the others. Because of her shy nature, May feels more comfortable around children then people her own age.


Heavy Swordsman / AGE:17

Mouses' right hand man; Although personality wise Cloud and Mouse are very different they have been friends for years. Cloud dreams of one day become a great sword master. His weapon of choice is a heavy sword. Cloud is very friendly and loves to make people laugh at his crazy jokes. He doesn't like to dwell much on the past and always looks toward the future. He is a huge fan of the Diamond Blade Knights in Houjin and even won an official Diamond Blades t-shirt in an armature swordsmanship competition. He also has an autographed poster of Chidori hanging in his room.


Mystic/ AGE:?

A rather gloomy centaur with a perpetual look of boredom on her face. Nothing seems to make her more happy than sleeping...except for trying to maim defenseless forest creatures.


White Mage/ AGE:?

coming soon